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Hum Royale
 Hum Botanical Spirit combined with Blanquette de
 Limoux Le Berceau in a Champagne flute
 and garnished with a citrus twist.
Margarita 1988 Sauza Gold Tequila, Cointreau, and fresh squeezed lime juice with a dash of simple syrup. Vigorously shaken and strained over ice in a highball glass with a salted rim and a wedge of lime. Simply the best. 12. .
Whisper Dry Martini Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka with Vya Whisper Dry Vermouth. Served up and blistering cold, with a cucumber slice. 13. .
The Sazerac Osocalis Rare Alambic Brandy and Russell Reserve Rye Whiskey, simple syrup and a dash of Peychaud’s Bitters. Ingredients stirred with ice, strained and served in an Absinthe-coated, chilled highball glass, with a lemon twist. 12. .
Dancing Pines Milk Punch Dancing Pines Bourbon and Stonyfield Farms fresh whole milk, with a dash of simple syrup and Dancing Pines Cask Rum. Shaken with ice, strained into an ice filled high ball glass and garnished with grated nutmeg. 12. .
Negroni Cynar Ridge Silvertip Gin, Vya Whisper Sweet Vermouth, and Cynar. Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail stem or an ice filled rocks glass. Garnished with an orange twist. 12. .
Vieux Carre Russel Rye Whiskey, Osocalis Rare Alambic Brandy, Vya Sweet Vermouth and Benedictine, with a dash of Angostura & Peychaud’s Bitters. Built over ice in an old fashioned glass and stirred gently to blend. Dream of New Orleans and the Hotel Montecelone where this all got started. 12. .
Brandy Crusta Oscalis Rare Alambic Brandy, Luxardo Maraschino Liquer, and Simple Syrup with a dash of Bittermans Elamakule Tiki Bitters.Stir ingredients with ice and strain into a small wine glass. Garnished with a long peel of lemon atop a sugar crusted glass rim. 12. .
Death in the Afternoon Kubler Absinthe and chilled Blanquette de Limoux Le Berceau. Absinthe poured into a champagne flute, then slowly filled with sparkling wine. 12. .
Hum ‘n Stormy Hum Botanical Spirit, and Goslings Ginger Beer poured over ice and garnished with a wedge of lime. 12.
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